Orchid Purple Organza Georgette Saree Handloom Cutwork Phekua

This orchid purple organza georgette saree with resham embroidery blouse is a perfect choice for any special occasion. The saree is made of a luxurious organza georgette fabric that is soft and flowing. The handloom cutwork/phekua work is intricate and beautiful, and the borderless booti design is both elegant and timeless. The blouse is made of the same fabric as the saree and features resham embroidery that adds a touch of luxury. This saree is perfect for parties, festive occasions, or even official wear. It is dry clean only.

Here is a more detailed description of each of the topics:

  • Material: Organza georgette is a lightweight, sheer fabric that is often used for sarees. It is known for its soft, flowing drape and its ability to hold intricate designs.
  • Color: Orchid purple is a deep, rich purple color that is both elegant and stylish. It is a versatile color that can be worn for a variety of occasions.
  • Work: Handloom cutwork/phekua is a traditional Indian embroidery technique that is characterized by its intricate designs. The phekua style of cutwork is particularly known for its use of negative space to create a sense of lightness and airiness.
  • Occasion: This saree is perfect for a variety of occasions, including parties, festive occasions, and even official wear. It is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.
  • Print/pattern: The saree features a borderless booti design. Booti is a traditional Indian motif that is often used in embroidery. The booti design on this saree is both elegant and timeless.
  • Care Guide: This saree is dry clean only. This means that it should not be washed in a washing machine or dryer. Dry cleaning will help to preserve the fabric and the embroidery.